Our Team

  • Yejin Choi

    Yejin Choi

    Senior Research Manager

    Yejin Choi is an associate professor of Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington, adjunct of the Linguistics department, and affiliate of the Center for Statistics and Social Sciences. She is also a senior research manager at the Allen Institute for AI. She is a co-recepient of the Marr Prize (best paper award) at ICCV 2013, a recepient of Borg Early Career Award (BECA) in 2018, and named among IEEE AI's 10 to Watch in 2016. She received her Ph.D. in Computer Science at Cornell University (advisor: Prof. Claire Cardie) and BS in Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University in Korea.

  • Chandra Bhagavatula

    Chandra Bhagavatula

    Research Scientist

    I am a Research Scientist at AI2, where I joined after completing my PhD from Northwestern University with Doug Downey in 2016. Currently, I work with Yejin Choi on Natural Language Processing for commonsense reasoning on the Mosaic Team. Before joining the Mosaic team, I worked in the Semantic Scholar team implementing models for Citation Recommendation, NER and Entity Linking.

  • Antoine Bosselut

    Antoine Bosselut

    Research Intern

    Antoine Bosselut is a fifth-year PhD student at the University of Washington working in the Natural Language Processing Group. He is advised by Professor Yejin Choi. His research focuses on the intersection of deep learning and the simulation of common sense reasoning, particularly in tasks involving language generation.

  • Ari Holtzman

    Ari Holtzman

    Research Intern

    My name is Ari Holtzman. I am a PhD student at the University of Washington advised by Yejin Choi. I work on creating [discursive machines](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLho19gWz_o).

  • Jena Hwang

    Jena Hwang

    Research Engineer

    Jena Hwang is a Research Engineer at AI2. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her broad research interests lie in natural language processing, meaning representation, and commonsense reasoning. Prior to joining AI2, she was a researcher at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, where she collaborated in various NLP related projects. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking new dishes, and crafting projects like crocheting and sewing.

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  • Ronan Le Bras

    Ronan Le Bras

    Research Scientist

    Ronan Le Bras is a Research Scientist at AI2. His research interests include commonsense reasoning through natural language understanding, as well as computational methods for large-scale combinatorial optimization, reasoning, machine learning and human computation. He completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2016. Prior to his Ph.D., he received his M.S. and B.S. from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal in Computer Engineering and in Software Engineering.

  • Nicholas Lourie

    Nicholas Lourie

    Research Engineer

    Nick graduated Brown University in 2014 with an Honors B.Sc. in Pure Mathematics and a B.A. in English Literature. During undergrad, he became involved with the start up scene, eventually taking his first year out of college to try to launch a company helping nonprofits manage donor relationships. Before coming to AI2, Nick did Data Science for Akamai's Platform Operations team, using statistics and machine learning to help keep hundreds of thousands of machines up and running. Currently, he's excited to turn his passion for engineering and mathematics to drive forward AI2's mission of artificial intelligence for the common good.

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  • Chaitanya Malaviya

    Chaitanya Malaviya

    Pre-doctoral Young Investigator

    Chaitanya Malaviya completed a masters in language technologies from the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in August 2018. Before that, he finished a bachelors in computer engineering in Singapore. His research interests are in the areas of probabilistic graphical models, multilingual NLP and deep learning applied to NLP. When he's not working, he enjoys hiking, running, listening to music and learning new languages.

  • Lianhui (Karen) Qin

    Lianhui (Karen) Qin

    Research Intern

    Karen is a 2nd-year PhD student at the University of Washington in CSE, advised by Yejin Choi. She is working on natural language processing and machine learning, especially commonsense reasoning in text and conversation generation. Outside of work, Karen likes photography and travel.

  • Hannah Rashkin

    Hannah Rashkin

    Research Intern

    Hannah Rashkin is a fifth year PhD student at the University of Washington working on natural language processing with Professor Yejin Choi. Her main research focuses are the integration of commonsense reasoning about social relationships for NLP tasks as well as computational social science applications for NLP tools.

  • Rachel Rudinger

    Rachel Rudinger

    Postdoctoral Young Investigator

    Rachel Rudinger is a Postdoctoral Young Investigator at AI2. She earned her Ph.D. in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University in 2019. Her research interests include common-sense reasoning, semantic representations and issues of bias and fairness in natural language processing. In 2020, Rachel will join the University of Maryland, College Park as an assistant professor of Computer Science. Outside of research, Rachel enjoys studying foreign languages, experiencing new foods and participating in the sport of curling.

  • Keisuke Sakaguchi

    Keisuke Sakaguchi

    Research Scientist

    Keisuke Sakaguchi is a Research Scientist at AI2. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University in 2018 advised by Benjamin Van Durme and Matt Post. He is broadly interested in computational and cognitive aspects of language processing.

  • Maarten Sap

    Maarten Sap

    Research Intern

    I'm a PhD student at the University of Washington and part-time intern at AI2, advised by Noah Smith and Yejin Choi. I work on natural language processing applications for social science, social commonsense, and conversational artificial intelligence.

  • Vered Shwartz

    Vered Shwartz

    Postdoctoral Young Investigator

    Vered completed her PhD in Computer Science in Israel at Bar-Ilan University's NLP lab in 2019 (advisor: Ido Dagan). Her research interests are lexical semantics, multiword expressions, and revealing implicit information not mentioned in texts. Besides research, she likes to go to the gym, and she is slowly learning to speak Italian and play electric guitar.

  • Swabha Swayamdipta

    Swabha Swayamdipta

    Postdoctoral Young Investigator

    Swabha received her PhD in Language and Information Technologies from CMU in May 2019, completing part of her degree in Seattle, where she was a visiting graduate. Her current research interests include structured prediction and transfer learning. Among other places, she interned at AI2 during the summer and fall of 2018. Outside of research, she loves to dance, cook and socialize.

  • Rowan Zellers

    Rowan Zellers

    Research Intern

    I'm a third-year grad student at the University of Washington in CSE. My research centers around natural language processing and computer vision. In particular, I'm excited about expanding the scope and robustness of these AI systems.